Deja Vu

21 February 2016, 14:55

…and not in a good way. 2016 is starting off way too much like 2013 for my liking – that year I got ill in mid January with a horrific case of shingles which left me in constant pain, on an almost incomprehensible amount of painkillers, and pretty much screwed up my entire Spring and Summer of training. Having run Cophenhagen marathon in May 2013 on 6 weeks of training, it’s not something I’d really care to repeat if I can help it!

Without going into too many details, I’ve been ill for over a month now, with no sign of when I might be able to resume training. So at the most basic level it means I’m using up all my energy just to get to work (via my new cycle commute), function at work, ride home, and eat something before falling into bed at 21:30. That’s if I’m lucky – if it’s not a good day, I literally have to spend it entirely in bed, which drives me absolutely crazy because it’s just so much wasted time I should be spending doing things, arrgh!

My race schedule for the first half of 2016 was supposed to be: Cardiff half marathon (26 March), London marathon (24 April), Hackney Half (8 May) and the Transylvania Bear Race marathon (4 June).

I was hoping to train hard and try to go sub-1:30 at Cardiff, and go for a PB at London (sub 3:30), then do Hackney and Transylvania at party pace for the experience. But with missing a month+ in the heart of marathon training, there is now no way I can run London marathon this year, which I’m quite bummed about. Since mine is a GFA entry, I am able to defer it to 2017 at least. So, if I’m able to run at all by the end of March, I’ll now do Cardiff at party pace, cheer at Mile 21 of London marathon instead of running, and train towards a sub-1:30 at Hackney instead. Transylvania is a hilly trail marathon, so there’s no hope of a PB there, but I’d like to focus my training more on hills and getting my distances up again, which should be doable even if I can’t start proper training til April (see above, I have no idea when I’ll be well enough to run again).

And in the meantime, the topics I’d like to blog about keep piling up in my head, without enough energy at the end of the day (or even the beginning) to actually write about them. But you can look forward to the following posts when I’m back in the land of the living:

  • Cycle commuting in London as a complete newbie who would very much not like to die

  • Foam roller smackdown: traditional vs the new travel stick

  • Cycling accessories & gadgets that are actually worth buying

  • Minimalist vs Barefoot running shoes (yes, there is a big difference!)

  • Book reviews (about 5 different running-related novels)

  • How to use your resting heart rate to prevent overtraining

If there’s any of these you’d like to hear about first, leave a comment!

Bike and panniers

Until then, I’ll leave you with a shot of the only way I can actually get to work (so thank god cycling is a lot less effort than running!), my trusty hand-me-down 15 year old heavy-ass bike!

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  1. Actually the bike is legal drinking age in the US…

    — James    21 February 2016, 14:59    #
  2. +1 for “how to use you’re resting heart rate to prevent overtraining”. I got this new fandangled watch with an optical heart rate monitor, it would be nice to interpret the information in some other way outside of “ohh my heart was pounding a lot during that bit!”.

    Darren    21 February 2016, 15:18    #
  3. I would also like to know more about the “heart rate to prevent overtraining” topic. But the other topics are good, too. I live in Minneapolis, one of the most cycling friendly cities in the U.S. (according to “polls”). I’d be interested to hear about cycle commuting in London.

    — Liz    22 February 2016, 14:53    #
  4. Oh Melissa I really hope you turn a corner soon. I’ve been looking at your Strava commutes and seeing things aren’t easy.
    I’m off to Cambridge half at the weekend and then gearing up for Paris marathon. I have a place for Brighton too but in two minds about doing it.
    I’d love to hear your take on foam rollers as I have both kinds and obviously using your resting heart rate is a great one too :-)

    — Louise    22 February 2016, 18:40    #
  5. Well, can’t wait to hear all of the above topics. But I’m particularly curious to hear about commuting by bike in London (I commute to work in Portland…a much different experience I’m sure!) and your take on bike gear!

    — Kelli    7 April 2016, 19:38    #

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